Digital Marketing Strategies That

Actually Grow Your Business

Feel confident in your marketing. Get greater exposure and opportunities for your business with clear messaging, smart strategies, and effective execution.

Extension Team — Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Grow Your Business

Elevate Your Digital Presence

Crafted with Precision, Driven by Strategy: Dive into a transformative journey where your messaging hits the mark, revenues soar, and your digital strategy stands unparalleled.

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Precision-Targeted Messaging

Align your brand's voice with your target audience's needs. With our foundational marketing, we refine your messaging, ensuring it resonates powerfully, fosters trust, and drives engagement.

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Revenue Doubling Roadmap

Uncover the full potential of your marketing efforts. Through our 90-day accelerated marketing program, we diagnose weak points, amplify strengths, and lay out a strategic plan to double your sales and maximize ROI.

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Strategic Digital Mastery

Navigate the digital space with unparalleled confidence. From SEO to PPC, our comprehensive strategies ensure you command attention, gain more leads, and convert opportunities into measurable revenue growth.

The Extension Team™ Marketing Playbook

From Vision to Victory: Navigate your marketing journey with precision, insight, and unparalleled strategy, ensuring every move propels your brand forward.

  • Define Your Goals

    Define Your Goals

    Establish and articulate clear business goals.

  • Discover Your Audience

    Discover Your Audience

    Identify and understand your ideal customer.

  • Discern The Market

    Discern The Market

    Pinpoint where your target audience thrives.

  • Determine Your Path

    Determine Your Path

    Synthesize insights into actionable roadmaps.

  • Develop Your Strategy

    Develop Your Strategy

    Build a tailored growth blueprint.

  • Design Your Messaging

    Design Your Messaging

    Sculpt narratives that resonate deeply.

  • Deploy Your Campaign

    Deploy Your Campaign

    Ignite your brand's digital presence.

  • Drill Into The Metrics

    Drill Into The Metrics

    Dive deep into actionable insights.

  • Drive For Performance

    Drive For Performance

    Optimize for unparalleled results.


With Extension Team™ at your side, and The Marketing Playbook in hand, unlock a realm where every digital endeavor is poised for success. From laying out the vision to celebrating victories, we ensure your brand resonates, relationships flourish, and results soar. Ready to redefine your digital trajectory? Start the conversation.

Our Services

Foundational Marketing

Struggling to be heard online? Want your brand to truly resonate? Enter Foundational Marketing.

We help you pinpoint your audience and craft messages they'll love. With our unique framework, you'll cut through the digital noise with ease.

Speak directly to those who matter. Make every interaction count. Let's take your messaging from good to unforgettable.

Content Marketing

Ready to captivate your audience and become the go-to resource in your industry?

Picture a customer journey where each piece of content is a guidepost, leading your audience towards deeper engagement and conversion. Your brand thrives, making a lasting impact on your audience.

Ready to transform your brand into a trusted industry leader? Reach out today to schedule a no-sales-call and unlock the potential of compelling content that fuels your unrivaled growth.

90-Day Accelerator Program

Want to elevate your sales trajectory? Welcome to the Accelerator Program.

Over a strategic 90-day period, we'll guide you through a process refined by professionals on the marketing frontlines. This isn't just about industry standards; it's about proven tactics from those who've been in the thick of it, ensuring you have the edge to double your revenue. This is about leading, not just competing.

Ready to harness unparalleled marketing momentum? Your acceleration journey begins now.

What Our Customers are Saying

  • Prioritized a Plan of Attack

    extension team

    Extension Team identified areas that needed work, issues that needed immediate attention, and prioritized a plan of attack for fixing them. They even identified areas for improvement.

    Kelly K.

    Kelly K.

    Marketing Manager

  • Strengthened Our Team

    extension team

    Extension Team knows paid media thoroughly and is always keeping up with the latest trends and changes. On top of that, [they] constantly looked for opportunities to strengthen our paid media team.

    Kelly K.

    Kelly K.

    Marketing Manager

  • Guided Me Through A World

    extension team

    Extension Team guided me through a world of advertising platforms and strategies. I listened closely, and this fact was immediately clear: Mateo [and Team] is like a Swiss Army knife of [marketing].

    Kelly K.

    Kelly K.

    Marketing Manager

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Many business owners want to grow their business using digital marketing but don’t understand how to get started, which is frustrating when they see their competitor’s businesses growing.

At Extension Team™ we understand how confusing marketing online can be, which is why for over 15 years we've helped business owners develop and implement comprehensive digital marketing strategies, so they can focus on what they do best.

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